Lab Experience

Visiting student at the University of Texas at Austin
IS evolutionary dynamics in the Long-Term Evolution Experiment (LTEE)
Barrick lab
September 2023 — December 2023

Internship at the Institut Pasteur, Paris
Nanopore sequencing for the surveillance of antimicrobial resistance
BEBP team
Supervisor: Chiara Crestani
March 2022 — July 2022

Internship at the LBBE, Lyon
Transcriptomic response to oxydative stress in two drosophila species
Genetics and Evolution of Interactions team
Supervisor: Marie Fablet
October 2021 — February 2022

Internship at TIMC, Grenoble
Biases in IS insertion sites in the context of a long-term evolution experiment
TrEE team
Supervisors: Thomas Hindré and Ivan Junier
January 2021 — July 2021

Internship at Cambridge University, UK
Analysis of gene networks involved in mouse somitogenesis
Department of Genetics, Martinez-Arias team
Supervisor: Naomi Moris
January 2020 — June 2020

Internship at the LBMC, Lyon
Inference of gene networks from single-cell transcriptomic data
Systems Biology of Decision Making team
Supervisor: Olivier Gandrillon
May 2019 — July 2019

Programming Skills

Sequencing Experience



BactoGre, Grenoble
Understanding the Evolutionary Dynamics of Insertion Sequences (PhD project and first results)
February 2023

Qlife Winter School: The Genomics of Transposable Elements (Paris)
Poster presentation
Understanding the Evolutionary Dynamics of Insertion Sequences (PhD project)
February 2023

Alphy-AIEM Joint Meeting, Grenoble
Understanding the Evolutionary Dynamics of Insertion Sequences (PhD project and first results)
January 2023

YRLS Conference, Paris
Flashtalk and poster presentation
Sequencing and analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae genomes
June 2022

Poster presentation
Movement of insertion sequences in the context of a long-term evolution experiment
January 2022

Teaching & Scientific Outreach

Experimental Project in Biology
I supervised second-year students as they came up with their own experimental project to study an aspect of diauxic growth in E. coli. At the end of the semester, I helped them conduct their lab experiments and interpret their results.

Evolution Tutorials
I taught first-year students how to build and interpret phylogenetic trees.

Microbiology Tutorials
I prepared first-year students for microbiology practicals.

Genomics workshop for the surveillance of antimicrobial resistance, Institut Pasteur
I taught a course about insertion sequences and helped the students while they learned how to use various genomics and epidemiological tools.
June 2022

Déclics: Meetings between researchers and highschoolers
I participated to three of the events set up by Déclics, an association that organizes exchanges between researchers and highschoolers to give them the opportunity to better understand the world of scientific research.
November 2021

Molecular Biology Practicals, Université Lyon 1
During my internship at the LBBE, I taught a molecular biology class for second-year students. The class focused on an analysis of restriction fragments length polymorphism.
October 2021

Tutoring, ENS de Lyon
I tutored high school students in biology, chemistry, physics and maths.

Student Representation